Infectiologist: Infection can no longer "be stopped"

Through the infection, combined with the vaccination, one will have a “high level of immunity in the population” and will hopefully or probably also manage to “get out of the pandemic” and have a “normal summer”. “And with that we will hopefully move from a pandemic to an epidemiological situation in which we will be confronted with the virus again in the cold season of the year”, Weiss saw a scenario similar to that of other viruses with which one also learned to live.

Then it will always be important that as many older people and high-risk patients as possible get vaccinated. Of course there are always imponderables, one cannot predict anything exactly. This has been learned over the past two years, says Weiss. In this regard, he agrees with Karl Valentin, who once said aptly: “Predictions are always very difficult, especially when they concern the future”.

In the case of this “infection with the handbrake on”, however, it is important to ensure that “there are not too many cases at once, so that a problem with medical care does not arise”. To do this, you simply have to adhere to the prescribed hygiene measures, pleaded Weiss for common sense.

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