The December price increase and the annual accumulated in Córdoba.

This Thursday the inflation December and with it the whole of 2021. In cordoba the annual price increase closed at 49.87 percent while the monthly was 3.6 percent. At the national level, inflation was 50,9%.

As reported from the General Directorate of Statistics and Census of Córdoba, the price increase in the last month of the year was driven mainly by the variation of 6.17 percent registered in the Food and beverages item. This rise is mainly explained by the increase in the average price of meats and derivatives. Next, the increase in food and beverages consumed in restaurants and bars had an impact.

The December price increase and the annual accumulated in Córdoba. (Government of Córdoba / AR)

Secondly, there was a 4.32% rise in Clothing and Footwear, due to increases in the average price of clothing and shoes and other types of footwear.

The Chapter Transportation showed an increase of 2.51%, explained by the increases in the prices of the purchase and sale of vehicles, taxis and remises; and spare parts and accessories for vehicles.

Annual inflation in Córdoba

Looking at all of 2021, the biggest increases occurred in Spreading (64,53%); Clothing and Footwear (62,31%); Food and drinks (54,96); Transport and comunication (52,41%); Teaching (51,82%) and health (51.28%), among others.

Goods and services in Córdoba

The goods, representing 59% of the basket, had in December a variation of 4.38% compared to the previous month, while services, which represent the remaining 41% of the basket, registered a variation of 2.15%. At an annual level, it was 49.87% and 46.04%, respectively.

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