Tomatoes, cheese, fish and meat, the foods that increased the most and pushed inflation in 2021

The inflation of 2021, with 50.9%, was the second highest in the last 30 years, barely surpassed by 53.8% in 2019. With the rise in food playing a key role in that figure of almost 51% , the tomato, cheese, fish and meat headed the list of those who more increased in the year in this area. Meanwhile, between drinks, the common wine came first; and of the cleaning supplies and toiletries, number one was the deodorant.

In the opposite direction, they went down price the butternut squash, sweet potato, potato and orange, as reported this Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

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Ranking of products that increased the most in price in 2021

According to Indec data, the only food that exceeded 100% year-on-year increase was round tomatoes, which rose 111% in December 2021 compared to the same month in 2020. In the case of beverages, the common wine became more expensive a 108%.

A total of 22 products were located above the average of 50.9%. In addition to the round tomato and the common wine, they also exceeded that value:

  • Sardinian cheese, which rose 76%
  • Ground coffee, 72%
  • Fresh hake fillet, 71%;
  • Whole milk powder, 70%
  • Pate cheese and common minced meat, 69%
  • Firm yogurt, 68%

In addition, among this group of products are:

  • The rump and the roast, which increased in 2021 by 67%
  • Creamy cheese, buttock and dulce de leche, 66%
  • Palette, 65%
  • Butter and sunflower oil, 63%
  • Banana, 60%
  • Fresh whole milk in sachet, 58%
  • Cooked ham, 55%
  • Yerba mate, 52%
  • Salchichón, 51%

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The rest of the products that are part of the basket that Indec monitors increased in price below the average of 50.9%; except butternut squash, that dropped -6%; sweet potato, potato and orange, which made it -12%, and the lemon, which made it -34%.

Among cleaning and perfumery items, deodorant rose 57%, liquid detergent, 52%; toilet soap, 47%; soap in bread, 41%; cotton, 37%; powdered laundry soap, 36%; shampoo, 33%; bleach, 30%, and disposable diapers, 17%.

Ranking of foods that increased the most in price in December 2021

In the last month of the year, the meat, with a 3,8% compared to November, was the one with the greatest incidence in the rise in inflation: the roast price went up a 15,9% in just 30 days; the buttock did it 12%, and the rump, 10.8%.

Firm yogurt was also above the 3.8% average, which increased 9.3%; the palette, which did so by 8.8%; lemon, 7.1%, cooked ham, 6.6%; common minced meat, 5.7%; salami, 5.6%, and ground coffee, 4.7% month-on-month.

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Conversely, they went down cream cheese price, -0.5%; the dulce de leche, -0.8%; the Vienna type sausage, -1.3%; the orange, a -2.1; potatoes, -3.8%; the butternut squash, -5.7%; lettuce, -6.1%, and round tomatoes, -18.6%.

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