Ingeborg Bachmann's youth center in Klagenfurt becomes a museum

“You have no money for a library for children and young people. You have no money for books. You have no money for Ingeborg Bachmann’s books.”

Since the Büchner Prize winner Josef Winkler castigated the low priority of libraries in the hometown of the writer Ingeborg Bachmann in his “Klagenfurt Speech on Literature” in 2009, 12 years have passed and he has meanwhile repeated the criticism many times. The provincial capital of Carinthia has a city library still none, but at least funds have now been made available for the house in which the writer (1926-1973) spent her youth. The purchase contract was signed on Wednesday in the front yard of the house.

The private foundation Carinthia, a charitable fund fed by several companies operating in Carinthia, bought it from the Bachmann family for a sum of around 500,000 euros. Subsequently, the house is to become the property of the city and the country. These two corporations, in turn, are investing around 120,000 euros in adapting the house as a museum. This is to be operated by the Musil Museum located in Klagenfurt.

The siblings of the late lyric poet solemnly handed over the keys to those in charge. Their condition for the sale was that the place be open to the public. The building is now to be used as a museum and as a meeting place. The opening is expected in around three years.

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