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The restrictions and measures implemented to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) lengthened the payment and allow to help those who were harmed by the coronavirus pandemic. The Solidarity Income was created by the National Government of Colombia and seeks to help the most vulnerable families in the country since 2020. This social incentive provides a total of $ 160,000 pesos to each of the beneficiaries. This was given in support of the coronavirus health emergency.

The entity in charge of managing these subsidies is the Department of Social Prosperity. This is how they manage and control resources for social programs in Colombia. They also organize the beneficiaries who are part of a targeting system that analyzes databases in Sisbén. In addition, it guarantees that three million families living in poverty, extreme poverty or vulnerability have access to this economic incentive.

Find out if you are a beneficiary of the Solidarity Income

To find out if you are a beneficiary of Giro 17 of Solidarity Income, you can enter the following links and check with your identification number:

Solidarity Income: new amounts

Regarding the new tax reform proposal, the Solidarity Income includes modifications in the amount of money that it will deliver. Likewise, another change arises in the type of citizens that will be included in the list of beneficiaries to locate households that need it most.

Group A: households made up of one person would charge $ 100,000, two people $ 160,000, three people $ 240,000, four people $ 320,000, five people $ 400,000, and six or more people $ 480,000.

B Group: households made up of one person would charge $ 80,000, two people $ 107,000, three people $ 160,000, four people $ 214,000, five people $ 267,000, and six or more people $ 320,000.

Group C: In this group, all households will receive $ 70,000 pesos, that is, the number of people living in the household will not depend.

Solidarity Income Extension

Currently, the payment of money order number 17 of this social program is being made. Since last September 3, payments began progressively for banked and unbanked beneficiaries. This payment cycle will continue until September 17, the day that is established as the maximum date that the beneficiaries have to claim the money.

It has been determined that the economic benefit will be delivered until December 2021 due to the tax reform bill. On August 7, President Iván Duque had anticipated that, with the collection that will be achieved through the social investment law, social programs would be a priority during the legislative period that would define the future taxation of the country.


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