Inquiry: Why do hundreds of people want to go into a mobile phone shop?

KURIER: A Xiaomi store in the SCS opened last week, hundreds of people stood in line. How can a cell phone business create such a rush?

Kristina Kleinlercher: Xiaomi is a strong brand and not unknown in Austria. The new opening was advertised weeks in advance on all channels and sold as a huge event. There were also discounts of over 60 percent and competitions on a limited number of products. This shortage also affected a great many people.

How can advertising influence human behavior so strongly?

People only make decisions rationally to a limited extent; they are often based on cognitive biases. This is how the advertising industry works. When many people queue up somewhere, many think: there is a good deal here and join it so as not to miss anything. The saying “while stocks last” is an additional driver. What is also taking effect at this Xiaomi opening is the ownership effect: If customers hold a smartphone in their hands, they classify it as more valuable than it actually is.

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