Insecurity in Guanajuato beats restaurateurs, they chat with prosecutor Zamarripa

Leon, Guanajuato.- Representatives of the restaurant, hotel and bar and canteen sector from the state of Guanajuato met with the prosecutor Carlos Zamarripa, to express your concern about the insecurity in Guanajuato That causes your sales to drop.

We are a very industry vulnerable, one of these events happens and we are sales fall 100%, people do not want to leave, they distrust and what little we have gained in reactivation slows down or there is even regression.

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“The idea of ​​the visit of the Fiscal is that together he knew firsthand the problems that the union lives in the different cities of Guanajuato”, He commented Helen Anaya Sanromán, holder of the Canirac, a body that was in charge of organizing a table that they are looking to have continuity with.

Restaurant owners say that violent events in the state cause their sales to drop because people are afraid to go out on the streets.

The businesswoman regretted that due to a lack of greater preparation of the police elements or the small number of them in certain cities of the Guanajuato state, affect security levels.

The common denominator always prevails: robberies, virtual extortions, thank God homicides and that is not what prevails; at the end of the day to say what we are looking for is to say that we are places insurance on issues of the health contingency, but also in security ”, said the businesswoman.

He stressed that the Fiscal He shared that as of December 1 they will be able to do complaints by telephone, which will allow you not to have to travel to a particular place.

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“This is going to favor the issue of complaint, Now from the workplace we can make the complaint, the Prosecutor told us that the union will have a personal attention and direct to future situations, we saw that good things have also been done as happened in Salamanca, that in 3 days it was resolved who were responsible and the motive for the attack ”.

He pointed out that in León the registries of restaurateurs who have been extorted are minimal, but if it prevails with a higher percentage in Celaya, Salamanca and a little in Irapuato.

What we ask is communication frank and direct, digitize processes, access that we are our own managers of theft reports, extortion that we can make the complaint properly and a direct communication with the prosecutor’s office according to the crime and that it be dealt with in a forceful way ”.

He mentioned that they will continue training their employees, considering the hiring of policeman external to take care of their business because there are issues such as weapon detector, of which the law does not favor its use and is considered as an issue that violates the privacy of the person or their human rights.

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“It is an issue that from the valet parking we can suddenly identify suspicious people and prevent, as far as possible, situations of insecurity in restaurants and event rooms ”, he concluded Anaya Sanroman.


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