Anyone who does not enter their date of birth on Instagram will not be able to use it

Instagram in its stories offers various stickers, effects, text fonts and other elements for editing. But as it turned out, one font is hidden in the application. It is a controversial Papyrus font from the 80s of the last century, which was used in the past by Microsoft, Apple or it. famous and the movie Avatar by James Cameron.

In fact, it is one of the most controversial and, according to many, one of the ugliest fonts ever created. It is even less practical than, for example, Comic Sans. Various communities such as the blog have even emerged in opposition to the font PapyrusWatch, which is a collection of photos of places and things where this unpleasant font was used.

To use it from the recession, he decided to use Instagram in his stories. But because of his appearance, he can’t find it anywhere, because it’s hidden. It only appears when you add Comic Sans font and type the word Papyrus while adding text to stories. The text immediately changes to this font. In the newsroom, the trick only worked on iOS.

Here’s how to activate the Papyrus font in Instagram:

Source: Mashable

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