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After a general crash, which lasted about 6 hours and left billions of people without access, the Instagram platform decided to launch a tool that will notify users when they are having problems with the app.

Instagram tests feature that warns of system instability - Image: Playback


Instagram tests feature that warns of system instability – Image: Playback

After presenting instability twice in the same week, the Instagram resolved to create a new built-in functionality that warns users when the application is experiencing critical issues. The function is already being tested in the United States, and the notification in the Activity bar will appear when people are confused and looking for answers, according to the company that runs the app.

As it is a social network that assumes profound importance in commercial profiles, the functionality allows users to report occurrences more quickly. Instagram has said that the new feature will be tested first in the US and, if it proves effective, will be officially rolled out around the world.

The company also took the opportunity to present the “Account Status”, a tool to let users know if their accounts are at risk of being disabled by postings. This will be a support function for people to know more easily if they are following them or not. App Community Guidelines. O Instagram he says, however, that more details about the news will be released in the future.

What is known about Mark Zuckerberg’s Global Social Media Crash

On Monday, October 4th, three of the main internet platforms went down simultaneously. O Instagram, Facebook it’s the WhatsApp faced problems and Internet users around the world reported difficulties in accessing the platforms.

According to data from the Downdetector website, which monitors complaints about internet services, complaints began to be registered around 12:50 and the system only returned to normal at 17:00. The central point of failure was in the backbone routers. The company said the problem occurred during routine maintenance and that its tools interrupted a wrong command. This left the application servers without internet communication.

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