Instagram prepares a new way of viewing stories

Any initiative of Instagram, at least in relation to TikTok, is not a mere coincidence. This was reflected in the recent tests that the photos and videos app carries out with a new way of visualizing stories (stories) Inspired by the popular ByteDance platform.

The leaker Matt Navarra was in charge of revealing the first details of this future feature on his Twitter account, the same place where he usually anticipates the news that will also reach TikTok.

Apparently in the video he shared it can be seen that the new way to view Instagram stories completely changes the swipe: that is to say, to advance to the next account it will be done vertically. Keeping, yes, the click on the sides to see the rest of the publications of the same user.

Currently, users have two ways of scrolling through Instagram stories. On the one hand, by pressing on one side of the screen, an action that also allows you to see the different publications shared by a user. On the other, through a movement gesture to the left -to advance to the next account- or to the right, in case of going back.

At the moment, the new way of viewing Instagram stories is only available to some users in Turkey, since Meta usually performs a series of tests in certain markets before launching a feature.

The app, as published by the TechCrunch site, works on this renewed swipe for a year like part of the strategy to compete against TikTok.

Instagram changes its feed

As if that were not enough, with the change in the display of the stories, Instagram also intends to do it with its feed. This means that the way users will view the content of the accounts they follow will be different.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of the social network, was in charge of recently announcing that they can be seen different screens at startup and that you can choose to interact only with the accounts that are followed and chronologically.

Currently, the Instagram app shows a single feed with the publications of the users we follow, but also other related posts or that could be of interest to us. With the new function, which is currently being tested, it will be possible to choose up to three new views.

From this new design, there will be a main feed called Home or Home, where all the publications will appear, even those from users who are not on our following list, but always related to the content that we like or search for in the app.

In the second Instagram feed, there will be the possibility of seeing only content from users that we follow, called “Followed”.

The last type of personalization that the feed will allow will be a section called “Favorites”, where it will be possible to select different accounts and people.

These last two feeds can also be configured so that Instagram publications are displayed dynamically (first those that could be more interesting) or in chronological order.


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