Instead of Robert Downey Jr. 4 other stars were supposed to play Iron Man and this is what it would have looked like

In retrospect, it is difficult for Marvel fans to imagine an alternative to Robert Downey Jr .. as Iron Man: Although the MCU boss had to fight hard for the actor, Downey finally brought the perfect mix of wit, charm and profundity for them Role with. For a while, however, four other stars (and certainly many more) competed with the actor. But with them the blockbuster would have looked completely different.

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1. Tom Cruise as Iron Man would have robbed the MCU of its soul

The best-known name among alternative Iron Man lineups is probably Tom Cruise. Like the actor opposite revealed However, his interest in the role quickly subsided. The almost cast still represents an exciting what-if idea for many Marvel fans.

What would Iron Man have looked like with Tom Cruise?

Cruise’s undeniable talent is most recently focused on the roles of leader who makes grim tough decisions and is prepared for any eventuality. His mission: Impossible figure is a mastermind, but also quite humorless: With him as Iron Man, the MCU would have won a shining hero, but probably lost a lot of its self-deprecating soul.

Iron Man Instead of Iron Man: Trailer for Cruises Sci-Fi Highlight Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow – Trailer (Deutsch) HD


2. Nicolas Cage as Iron Man would have been a bizarre ego trip

A completely different extreme would have been the casting of Nicolas Cage. As E! Online reported from a no longer traceable source, the actor showed interest long before Downey. However, it is not known why it did not work. Maybe it had something to do with meeting Ghost Rider at some point opted for another Marvel role.

What would Iron Man have looked like with Nicolas Cage?

Nic Cage is known for his unique performances by men who felt constantly at the wrong end of a nervous breakdown. This is sometimes profound (Bringing Out the Dead – Nights of Remembrance) and more often bizarre (Prisoners Of The Ghostland). Whether his Iron Man would have had the confidence and eloquence of Downey’s version is questionable. It would definitely have been entertaining.

Nicolas Cage could have become Tony Stark

3. Robert Downey Jrs. big competitor became MCU villain – luckily

According to MTV, director Jon Favreau was initially very excited to cast Sam Rockwell (Jojo Rabbit) in the title role. After Downey’s audition, however, it was vinegar (via MTV ): “We had a phone call and then I couldn’t hear anything [von ihm]“says the actor. That’s tough, but in retrospect it seems like a stroke of luck.

What would Iron Man have looked like with Sam Rockwell?

Rockwell is a character actor whose figure drawings are both devastatingly tragic as well as screamingly funny can be (Moon, Vice). His Iron Man would have been a man of many complex facets. It’s good that we didn’t get to see him: Otherwise we might have missed Rockwell’s brilliant performances as in 7 Psychos or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Sam Rockwell has a double role in Moon.

4. A Star Wars actor wouldn’t have been childish enough for Iron Man

Iron Man candidate Timothy Olyphant apparently faced a similar fate: According to his own statements (via Conan ) he auditioned for the Marvel role on the same day as Downey. And is still waiting for an answer today.

What would Iron Man have looked like with Timothy Olyphant?

Olyphant brings the casualness of a classic western hero to many roles. This can be seen in the Justified series, the Tarantino masterpiece Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood and even his Star Wars appearance in The Mandalorian.

Timothy Olyphant in The Mandalorian

But Tony Stark is also an irresponsible nonsense, especially at the beginning of the Infinity saga. Would Olyphant’s Pistolero stoicism have fit in there? Maybe. but the wonderful no-go attitude in Downey’s version just fits better.

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Who could you imagine as the Robert Downey alternative in Iron Man?

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