Institute trains 17 thousand teachers
Ángela Español and Ernesto Díaz, executives of the 512 institute at a press conference.

Two years after its inauguration, the 512 Institute has trained more than 17 thousand teachers nationwide to face the challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic to the Dominican educational system.
During a meeting with the press, the 512 Institute presented the results of the educational training work they have carried out in fulfilling the mission of supporting the strengthening of the Dominican educational system, focused on the training and specialized development of teaching teams.

Ángela Español, executive director of the institute, reported that they currently have a presence in the 18 educational regions with more than 45 programs, learning products and projects.

He also said that they have a direct impact on more than 181,000 students and have integrated more than 9,350 members of teaching teams and management of the education sector as key leaders for the development of projects to transform and improve the system.

Spanish assured that education is the only way to improve society.

“Our solid and sustained commitment to education has a direct impact on the positive transformation of the country. Education is a door of opportunity for all. ”, He highlighted.


The 512 Institute was born as an initiative of INICIA Education and operates as an independent entity offering services for the transformation and development of school, teacher and student leadership, with the highest quality standards in the education sector of the region, based on the creation of leaders generators of change and its objective is to guarantee responsible and capable citizens for the sustainable development of the country. It also works to ensure the continuity of learning in the context of covid-19, in direct support with the Ministry of Education.

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