The GeForce and Radeon challenger will be called Intel Arc

With the latest models of gaming graphics cards “LHR”, Nvidia has introduced a hardware limitation that significantly reduces the chip’s performance when extracting cryptocurrencies, specifically Ethereum. However, AMD does not have such a limitation on the Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards and does not plan to do so yet. And Intel decided to follow the same strategy.

Raja Koduri and Roger Chandler, who have under development the development of new graphics cards at Intel, in an interview pro web Gadgets 360 they said they would not limit what hardware users want to do – whether they play games or benefit from cryptocurrencies.

The upcoming powerful stand-alone graphics cards for the Arc (Alchemist) desktop series should have very decent performance, which should compete with current models from AMD or Nvidia. However, Intel is primarily focused on gamers and creators, so mining performance will depend on the architecture itself without additional optimization in hardware or drivers.

Compared to the past, this time Intel relies on very advanced 6nm manufacturing technology directly from TSMC. According to Intel representatives, the bigger problem is that all major graphics manufacturers will therefore produce at TSMC, because in short, the number of wafers and lines is finite and production volumes will have to be distributed somehow.

So the question is, in what numbers will Intel be able to produce in the end, because according to Intel, the space in the hi-end is still large, which can be confirmed for both major players, who do not manage to meet demand.

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