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The King will get an upgrade to their Champions League Road to the Knockouts card in the popular video game.

The King will have an improved version of his letter
© GettyThe King will have an improved version of his letter

Inter de Milan added a key victory this Wednesday, because he defeated Shakhtar, with Arturo vidal on court, and got into the round of 16 of the Champions League.

The Lombard team, thanks to their victory and that of Real Madrid against Sheriff, made sure to be among the 16 best, surpassing what was done last season, where they were eliminated in the zonal phase.

This not only in sports has an implication, but FIFA 22 fans also have a reason to celebrate, because the letter from Vidal Road to the Knockouts of the Champions League met the requirements and will have an upgrade.

The King’s special card in Ultimate Team mode currently has an overall rating of 85, and will hit 87, as Inter passed the rounds and won three of their last four games.

In this way, the Chilean midfielder will be one of the best options as MC in the popular video game, especially for those who have Serie A cards in their teams, because their attributes will increase a lot, becoming a box to box. top.

Vidal’s big deficit in the EA Sports game is his pace, which will go up to at least 77, which is not perfect, but it will help him move with better speed through the center of the court.

Arturo Vidal celebrates the classification in the Champions League and the improvement of his card, which he surely uses, because he is a fan of FIFA 22.

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