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The latest edition of the Sence National Labor Thermometer shows that the applications benefit about 921 thousand people.

More than a year after its launch, the subsidy program promoted by the Government has tended to consolidate itself as one of the tools most used by companies to face the economic crisis generated by the pandemic.

The latest edition of the National Labor Thermometer of the National Training and Employment Service (Sence) shows that some 921,510 people were applied to the subsidy plan by their employers between January and August of this year, with the Contrata line being the most required, with 775,948.

This mechanism finances up to 65% of the salary of a new hire, with a ceiling of $ 290 thousand when it comes to women, young people and people with disabilities, and 50% when it is a man.

The Regresa line, meanwhile, registers 145,562 applicants. This last tool, like the previous one, is a benefit that is granted to the employer, and is delivered by each worker who was with his contract suspended by the Employment Protection Law and is reinstated to his work.

In this case, an amount of $ 160,000 per month is granted for reinstated male workers; and for women, young people between 18 and 24 years old, men over 55 years old, people with disabilities and reincorporated disability pensioners, it delivers $ 200,000 per month.

According to the director of Sence, Ricardo Ruiz de Viñaspre, if the applications for these two tools are added since they came into force -on September 28, 2020-, the companies have applied for more than one million workers.

Contribution to workers

Regarding the monetary support that goes directly to employees, such as the subsidies called Protege and al Nuevo Empleo -before becoming IFE Laboral-, Sence’s antecedents show that beneficiaries total 124,491.

The “Protege” item, which provides $ 200,000 to working mothers and fathers who care for children under two years of age, and who do not have the right to a nursery guaranteed by their employer, has already benefited 37,164 people. Of this number, 99.9% are women.

The subsidy for the New Job reached 87,312 people.

For the benefit, once transformed into IFE Laboral, more than 430 thousand people have applied, and 215 thousand have been paid.

This year, Ruiz explained, the focus was put directly on the workers. The Protege subsidy, created especially to support women who, due to the need to care for their children, have left the labor market, was added the New Employment Subsidy, with a focus on the formalization and creation of new jobs.

Currently, it has more than 90 thousand beneficiaries, whose amounts were improved from the payment corresponding to August by the Labor IFE.

The service report also found that between January and August 553,774 thousand employment bonuses have been delivered through the Women’s Work Bonus and the Youth Employment Subsidy.



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