Lilac Room at Imol, in Campo Grande.  (Photo: Disclosure)
Lilac Room at Imol, in Campo Grande. (Photo: Disclosure)

Conceived to offer specialized care to women, teenagers and children in situations of violence, the new “Lilac Rooms” in Mato Grosso do Sul, began to be inaugurated this Monday (22). Tomorrow (23), Bandeirantes and Camapuã, will be two of the cities in the interior that will have the initiative.

In all, 17 municipalities that do not have specialized police stations for women, will inaugurate the “Lilac Rooms” by December 23rd. The investment in the structure for creating a differentiated space in the Civil Police units is R$ 680 thousand. The appeal was made possible by an agreement between Sedhast (State Secretariat for Human Rights, Social Assistance and Labor) and Sejusp (State Secretariat for Justice and Public Security).

Mato Grosso do Sul has another 12 Police Service to Women, located in regionalized hub municipalities, with the competence to “assist, investigate and investigate crimes such as sexual harassment and aggression.

“These new Lilac Rooms will provide greater comfort and security for women victims of violence when registering the police report, humanizing the service, encouraging the breaking of the cycle of violence and encouraging the search for rights and access to justice”, comments the Undersecretary of State for Policies for Women, Luciana Azambuja The first “Lilac Room” in the State was inaugurated at IMOL in Campo Grande, in November 2017. Now, there will be 17 more units.

Check the opening schedule.

Caarapó – 22/Nov

Amambai – 22/Nov

Bandeirantes – 23/Nov

Camapuã – 23/Nov

Clear Water – 29/Nov

Anaurilândia – 30/Nov

Deodápolis – 1/Dec

Glory of Goldens – 1/Dec

Angelica – 3/Dec

Costa Rica – 7/Dec

Chapadão do Sul – 7/Dec

Eldorado – 10/Dec

Iguatemi – 10/Dec

Porto Murtinho – 14/Dec

Paranhos – 16/Dec

Ladario – December 21

Miranda – December 21

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