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There is crossfire in Newell’s Old Boys. Daniel Faggiani, member of Lucas Bernardi’s work team, he answered this Wednesday to Julio César Saldaña, who came to the club from the hand of the brand new president Ignacio Astore to replace him in the position of Football Manager.

I have the best relationship with Julio (Saldaña), we were excellent companionsWe continue talking after leaving football, this morning we spoke for more than an hour about Newell’s, I called him about last night’s statements. Everyone can say what they want and that’s fine”Faggiani began by saying in dialogue with the program Una buena noche.

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Saldaña assured this Tuesday that he will not share the position of manager with Bernardi and noted that “Faggiani and Vella’s situation bothers meThey came with Bernardi, I don’t know what idea the previous commission had with them. I do not know the function that Faggiani fulfills”.

Regarding these sayings, Faggiani stated that “It is a lie what Saldaña said about me, because I was not with the other commission because of politics, I am at Newell’s. Julio’s mistake was talking first with the press and then with us. My future is not a problem, if Newell’s doesn’t want me I’m leavingIt’s that easy, what can I do? The future does not depend on me ”.

Julio Cesar Saldaña declared on Tuesday that he will not share the position of Newell’s manager with Lucas Bernardi. (@Newells)

And then he added that “if Saldaña stands up and says none of us who are here are of use to me, that’s fine because he is the soccer person from Astore. If we don’t speak, people stick with what Julio said, that’s why I have to go out and clarify. Ignacio Astore knows that my arrival at Newell’s was not political, he gave me the guarantee at his house ”.

His conversation with Julio Saldaña after his statements

Saldaña told me that after the note he regretted talking so much. I explain to the people that to be at Newell’s I personally went to Astore’s house to ask him if he took my entry to the club as something political, if he took it that way I would not accept. Astore told me he wanted people like me at Newell’s”, Detailed Faggiani.

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Your work with the Newell’s professional staff

“Is a reality, things don’t come out at Newell’s but work is being done to try to solve them. When I was outside the club I gave my opinion about everything that happened, being inside I try to change it from this place and openly comment I would be disrespecting people. The support of the people will help the team to improve in the next matches “, he closed.

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