Without being brilliant, Colorado demonstrates efficiency in submissions. Patrick, with two goals, is the highlight of the match.

Patrick and Taison celebrate one of Internacional's goals (Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF)


Patrick and Taison celebrate one of Internacional’s goals (Photo: Maxi Franzoi/AGIF)

At the beginning of the match of the Brazilian championship, International e America-MG dueled for possession of the ball, looking for the opening goal of the scoreboard. At 13 minutes, Colorado scored the first in Beira-Rio. After a beautiful pass from Rodrigo Dourado, Patrick hit a beautiful volley, at the top of the goal of Matheus Cavichioli.

Coelho did not take long to reach a tie. At 15 minutes, Marlon made a cross on the left side. After a mess by Víctor Cuesta and Rodrigo Dourado, Ademir took the leftovers, and turned to finish. The ball passed under goalkeeper Daniel, and slipped into the back of Inter’s net.

At 22, Fabrício Daniel made a great move, and came face to face with Daniel. The colorado goalkeeper closed the angle, and prevented América-MG from taking the lead. In the sequence, Yuri Alberto received a pass inside the area, but kicked with a chew. In the final stretch of the first stage, neither team demonstrated supremacy over the other.

In the second stage, Internacional came back pressing, seeking victory. At 8 minutes, Yuri Alberto received it from Johnny and kicked weakly, facilitating Matheus Cavichioli’s defense. The shirt 11 would return to submit at 11, after a cross by Moisés. At 19, Maurício made a cross into the middle of the area. Cavichioli failed, and Patrick headed into the net.

For the rest of the game, the teams created little. Colorado tried to hold the advantage, while Coelho tried to create plays, but was not succeeding. At 33, Ribamar passed Daniel, and kicked a volley out. However, he was prevented. In extra time, Caio Vidal submitted on the crossbar, and Yuri Alberto made the third on the rebound.

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