Interview with Birgit Minichmayr: "I'm a real wimp"

DELIVERY MAN: Ms. Minichmayr, in the tragic comedy “Wanda, mein Wunder” you played by far the least likeable role in the entire film.

Birgit Minichmayr: Definitive!

What drew you to playing a rich, arrogant, and prejudiced woman?

From my understanding, it was an atypical role offer compared to what I’m usually offered. I really wanted it.

What else are you being offered?

Mostly characters that act more freely. I don’t think I’ve ever played someone so bitter, frustrated and unsympathetic.

Was there anything you liked about this woman?

Exactly all that.

A Swiss critic wrote that you are perfect at impersonating a scratch brush.

I, or my characters, often have a defiance in them, but are not as emotionally cold as this Sophie. Sophie comes from a good family and is so career-oriented that she only defines herself by success. She’s called the frustrated hen in the film, and she’s really, really frustrated. This character lends itself to being made fun of.

Sophie is also the character who openly disparages “the Pole” who she thinks is just out for money.

Yes, she speaks her prejudices uninhibitedly and is also a bit stupid. If someone were to talk like that next to me, I would be pretty stunned.

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