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Let’s start with the name. What’s the story behind the name of your wine, see if you can catch me?
Typical Portuguese Producer (PPT): It’s a very cute story. My great-grandfather, Joaquim Mendonça Paes de Alendouro Júnior, 14th Count of Paradelhinha and who I still knew, was the one who started the wine business in the family. He was born with a problem in one of his legs. He limped a lot. But, as he was a very determined and funny man, he was always challenging us to jokes. And one of them was to jump out of his reclining chair, start running and shout: “See if you can catch me!”. It is a way of honoring him. Each bottle of our wine brings the best of our great-grandfather. In fact, one of our old vines is over 100 years old and we have records that some of the vines were still planted by him.

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