Investigation into attempted kidnapping of underage girl at bus stop in Zolder (Heusden-Zolder)

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The Heusden-Zolder police are investigating a possible kidnapping attempt Friday morning in Zolder. An unknown person allegedly tried to take an underage girl. She was not injured, but is very impressed.

Zahra Boufker

Today at 15:21

The possible kidnapping attempt occurred on Michel Scheperslaan in Zolder, near a bus stop in the Nieuwstraat area. The underage girl was standing at the bus shelter in the direction of Houthalen-Helchteren. Local residents heard unusual noises and one of them saw a vehicle pull up at the stop. Then there would have been screams.

Camera images

The local police of Heusden-Zolder was called in and they took a statement from the young lady. On the basis of that statement, the police launched an investigation into the exact circumstances. Jeroen Swijsen of the Limburg public prosecutor’s office confirms this. “A trace investigation was already carried out this morning in the vicinity of the bus shelter and a neighborhood investigation took place,” says the spokesperson for the Limburg public prosecutor’s office. The police are also studying the images from the cameras in the area. All those investigations are still ongoing. The underage girl is said to be deeply impressed, but was not injured.

Noise and screaming

The noise, the police conducting a neighborhood search, the police tape around the bus shelter. It causes the necessary commotion in the area. “Around a quarter past seven I heard noise that I could not identify and I also heard a vehicle leave the bus stop,” says 84-year-old Herman Bex. “An hour later the police came by for information and I told them my story.”

Els also received a visit from the police. “My son was in the bathroom in the morning and heard noise and screaming at the bus stop. My husband heard the same thing. My son even saw a vehicle at the bus stop where a girl was standing alone. Then the car drove off. Afterwards we heard what had happened. That was a bit of a shock,” the woman concludes.

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