Investigation into possible sexual assault by bartender in cafe: ver... (Ixelles)



The Brussels public prosecutor has launched an investigation into possible sexual offenses that occurred in a bar near the cemetery of Ixelles. In recent days, many stories have been circulating on social media calling for a boycott of two cafes in the area.

Robin De Becker

Today at 09:38

A bartender who worked at one bar may have raped and drugged two women, according to social media reports. After the complaints, the manager of the business decided to transfer his bartender to his second business in the first instance.

The manager has since let the newspapers of Sudpresse know that the man has been put on hold in the meantime, but says he is surprised about the rumours. “Because our staff has to present proof of good behavior and morals. But we take this very seriously.”

In the meantime, however, several other women have anonymously indicated on social media that they have also been victims of the bartender. The Brussels public prosecutor confirms that several complaints for sexual offenses have been drawn up in recent months and that the investigation is ongoing.

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