Sílvio Molina and his wife enter for a luxurious wedding for one of their daughters.  (Photo: Facebook/Reproduction)

It took two days of trial in Minas Gerais to convict one of the defendants and acquit his son

Sílvio Molina and his wife enter for a luxurious wedding for one of their daughters. (Photo: Facebook/Reproduction)

After two days of trial, one of the men involved in the double murder allegedly orchestrated by the lieutenant of the Mato Grosso do Sul Military Police, Silvio Cesar Molina, was sentenced to 49 years in prison for the execution of Nasser Kadri, a drug dealer known as “Turcão” and Aeneas Mateus de Assis, the “Stutterer”.

Authorship of the crime was proven, according to the Public Ministry’s complaint, with evidence seized during Operation Ties of Family, which in 2018 arrested Molina as the leader of a marijuana trafficking scheme in the southern Mato Grosso city of Mundo Novo – city 463 kilometers away of Campo Grande.

The crime, however, took place in Minas Gerais, but it was motivated by the dispute for control of trafficking on the border between Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraguay. Molina, Marco Aurélio Scheffer – who would be an employee in the policeman’s trafficking scheme – Alan Faria Ruback and his son Gabriel Ferreira Ruaback, were named as the authors of the execution.

Molina's defense is made by lawyer Marcos Ivan.  (Photo: Archive/Campo Grande News)
Molina’s defense is made by lawyer Marcos Ivan. (Photo: Archive/Campo Grande News)

The military policeman and Marcos Aurélio appealed the decision that sent them to a popular jury, but father and son were brought to trial in the city of Leopoldina on Tuesday (23). The depositions started around 9 am and lasted all day. At night, the session was stopped and resumed on Wednesday (24).

Once again, the debates between the Public Ministry and the defense lasted the entire day. The sentence came 15 minutes before midnight. Gabriel Ferreira Ruaback was acquitted for lack of evidence. His father, Alan Faria Ruback, was convicted of double homicide, triple qualified (evil, deceitful and half cruel motive) and sentenced to 49 years in prison in a closed regime.

Before the jury, Molina’s defense hopes to repeat the outcome of Gabriel’s trial. “It can’t be different, because the only evidence that exists in Molina’s disfavor are photos from a cell phone that does not know who owns the property, which the police said they found in Molina’s house, containing the photos of the execution”, explained the attorney Marcos Ivan Silva.

According to the defender, Molina actually knew Alan and had negotiated a car sale with him. He also knew who the victim, Nasser Kadri, was, as she was known on the border for her involvement in trafficking in Mundo Novo, the city where the client worked. “Nothing connects Molina to this horrendous conduct anymore”, reinforced Marcos Ivan.

Lieutenant Silvio Cesar Molina in a photo posted on Facebook.  (Photo: Personal Archive)
Lieutenant Silvio Cesar Molina in a photo posted on Facebook. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Understand – The crime took place on January 9, 2018. Nasser Kadri, the “Turcão”, and Eneas Mateus de Assis were murdered in an ambush, with knife thrusts and gunshots, in the rural area of ​​Recreio, municipality of Minas Gerais. After being executed, the bodies were thrown into the Pomba River.

Although the crime took place in another state, Turcão lived in Mato Grosso do Sul for years and, according to police, was involved in a dispute for the command of drug trafficking in Mundo Novo – a city 463 km from Campo Grande – with Molina’s family.

According to the complaint by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais, Silvio Molina and Nasser Kadri headed rival criminal organizations in the municipality of Mato Grosso do Sul and over the years ordered violent attacks against each other.

In March 2015, Nasser and his brother were victims of an attack. Months later, in retaliation, they tried to kill the son of Military Police Lieutenant Jeferson Molina, who managed to escape and even executed one of the gunmen.

Almost two years later, a new attack ended with the death of Jeferson with gunfire. The conflicts and police investigations into the crime led Nasser to move from Mundo Novo to Lagoa Santa, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. In the city of Minas Gerais, he lived with a false identity, far from accusations in the interior of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Molina, however, had “business” with Alan Faria Ruback and son Gabriel Ferreira Ruback, both residents of Minas Gerais and during the 2017/2018 New Year’s Eve, at a party in the city of Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro, he combined with double the murder of the rival. Employee Marcos Aurélio Scheffer also participated in the conversation.

To kill Nasser, father and son simulated interest in buying drugs and agreed to meet him on a rural property in Recreio. On the 9th, the victim traveled in the company of Aeneas, his trusted employee, to the municipality, hoping to exchange a load of drugs for cars.

When they arrived at the agreed place, however, they found Alan, Gabriel, Molina and Marcos Aurélio. They were cornered and executed. According to reports, the victims were stabbed and shot several times. Afterwards, they were thrown into the Pomba River.

After the execution, the Public Ministry claims, the four involved stole the car that was with the victims, a BMW 320, and took it to Paraná. The vehicle was abandoned and seized days later, in the municipality of Araucária.

Despite the conflicts between Molina and the victim, the death of “Turcão” was only attributed to the policeman with Operation Ties of Family. During the execution of search and seizure warrants, the police found calls between the suspects and also a cell phone without a chip in which photos of the victims were stored.

It was from this point onwards that Molina was appointed as the mastermind of the crime. The lawyer Marcos Ivan, however, alleges in court the lack of evidence and prejudice in the defense of the policeman due to the thesis adopted by the defender before him.

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