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Social Security Institute is in charge of providing a series of financial aid and procedures. Learn here how to review your situation.


IPS Online provides help to complete procedures and qualify for online bonuses. (Photo: Agency One)

In times where the financial situation has been a problem for many Chileans, government benefits come to support in the drop in family income during the year and a half of the pandemic.

The economic contributions are divided according to specific groups, such as families from the Social Registry of Households, women, workers, schoolchildren, SMEs and also the elderly. You can review some of these bonuses HERE.

But there are also other social and monetary aids that are available in the Institute of Social Security, that through the IPS Online provides access to different benefits depending on the characteristics of the person.

If you want to know how to enter this portal and know what benefits or charges are available to you, we will tell you below.

What are the benefits available from IPS?

To know the economic and social aid and procedures of the Online Social Security Institute, you must enter HERE with you RUT.

There, you can do procedures such as allowance for Death, Young worker subsidy – Quote, Solidarity Pillar, Child Bonus, Golden Wedding Bonus, Recognition of Loads for Family and Maternal Allowance and also former benefits of Social Security.

In addition, you can download documents such as tax certificates and procedures such as the Permanent Family Contribution and Request Consultation. Finally, there is the section “Payments”, where when you enter you will be able to know if you have any pending payment.

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