Iran: "Iranian officials responsible for the downing of a Ukrainian plane"

The downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards was the responsibility of high-ranking Iranian officials and not an accident caused by a missile pilot, Tehran claims, according to what the families claimed yesterday, Wednesday. victims.

The report, compiled by an association made up mainly of Canadian families of PS752 victims, disputes Iran’s official findings, which blame the radar malfunction, but also a mistake made by an air defense system operator.

The plane crashed shortly after takeoff from Tehran airport, killing all 176 people on board.

Iran’s Civil Aviation Authority, which was responsible for investigating the downing of the aircraft, said the anti-aircraft pilot had taken the aircraft as a missile, amid escalating tensions between Tehran and Washington.

An investigation in Canada in June convicted “those responsible” but found no evidence that the tragedy had been premeditated.

“The group believes that high-ranking Iranian officials are responsible for the downing of Flight PS752 and not just a small number of low-ranking executives as claimed by the Iranian government,” the Canadian Family Association said in a statement.

“At the highest level of military vigilance, the Iranian government has used civil aircraft flights as a human shield against possible US attacks, deliberately choosing not to close its airspace to civil aviation flights,” the report said.

“We think the downing of Flight PS752 was intentional,” union president Hamed Esmailion told a news conference.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry could not immediately comment on the developments.

According to the union, her report was based on information that came to light, but also on the records of “high-ranking Iranian officials” among the sources used, while the same report was prepared by Canadian families with the help of lawyers and experts from the field of civil aviation.

This is not a formal plane crash report, which is usually written focusing on improving future flight safety, but a report with an emphasis on liability.

The same report states that the pilot of the anti-aircraft missile system was experienced and should have distinguished a passenger aircraft from a cruise missile.

A Canadian government spokeswoman said her country was analyzing the same report, which called for an international inquiry into the plane crash. Many of the victims were Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie said in a Twitter post that her country “stands by Ukraine” in its decision not to attend PS752 hearings in a military court in Iran, calling for “transparency in the criminal proceedings “.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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