Iran: Tehran tests solid fuel rocket

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have “successfully” tested a rocket with a solid-fuel engine that can carry satellites, the head of the Revolutionary Guards’ aerospace department said Thursday night.

The ideological army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has released the video of a successful test – according to the Revolutionary Guards – of the main propellant of the missile. The test took place last week, according to the same source.

“This is the first time Iran has used a solid-fuel missile instead of the liquid-fueled rocket used in the last two years,” said General Admiral Hajizadeh, quoted by the Iranian news agency Irna.

“Iran can now send more satellites into space,” he added.

Solid fuel rockets can be used by mobile launchers, while pure solid rockets are mainly associated with ballistic missile systems.

“Iran’s new satellites are made up of non-metallic composites with stationary propellants, which will further increase the rocket’s power and reduce costs,” he said, citing Irna.

Iran announced on December 30 that it had launched a rocket carrying three space probes, prompting immediate protests in the United States. The next day, Tehran said the launch had failed.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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