Irapuato: Adriana stabs her 2 children and will spend 17 years in jail

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- Sentenced to 17 years in prison a 32-year-old woman, identified as Adriana, who He stabbed two of his three children, 4 months and 10 years old, on August 30 in the San Miguelito neighborhood.

The Public Ministry summoned a hearing in which all the parties involved appeared and through a brief process, in which the reparation of the damage to the victims was guaranteed and mechanisms were established to ensure their social reintegration, the accused had the opportunity to acknowledge before the authorities that they are aware of the aggression against their children.

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The day Adriana stabbed her children

On August 30, at approximately 8 p.m., Adriana He was at his home on Calle Justo Mendoza, in the San Miguelito neighborhood.

Her husband, with whom the relationship had been broken, he had just retired. The woman sat with her baby in her arms. He then told the Police that When he saw his partner leave, he felt a very great despair, because of the separation.

What followed was an egregious scene. The minor, who accompanied his mother in a chair next to him, played, distracted and when he got up, he observed that his mother got up and let the baby fall, while she inserted a knife several times that she took from the table.

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The younger He tried to reach for the door while pulling his 10-year-old sister. The woman’s strength was greater and she restrained him to injure him from behind. The minor slipped away and managed to take a few steps forward, but the woman caught up with him a second time and fell. He only heard screams and that’s all he remembers.

The medical examiner determined that The child had stab wounds to the left posterior thorax and wounds to the abdomen.. His health condition was reported as serious and he is still recovering from the injuries.

The then 4-month-old baby had penetrating injuries to the abdomen and was between life and death. The timely intervention of the doctors managed to stabilize him but his health remains delicate.

Adriana still had the knife in her hand when the police entered

When the first respondent of the Municipal Police was alerted to the event, he heard from the neighbors that the person responsible for attacking the minors was at home. When requesting support and entering the house, they observed the woman still with the knife in her hand, kneeling on the floor and bloody.

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The minor was already in the protection of the police who called an ambulance for the urgent transfer to the hospital. The baby lay unconscious on the floor.

It was through verbal instructions that the police instructed the defendant to throw the knife to the ground and when they released it, they help her and sit her on an armchair in the room, while they manage the injured person for his transfer to the hospital.

Investigation begins and Adriana is sentenced to 17 years in prison

When investigating agents and expert services intervene in the one-storey building, observed dripping of blood in the garage, living room and bedroom area. In the chamber area, next to a pedestal fan, the murder weapon, a metal knife with black plastic handle.

The 32-year-old father of the victims told the social representative that on the day of the attack, He was at the home of his parents who live near the scene of the events, when they told him what happened in his house. As you get closer, the police informed him that the minors were injured and he protected his other daughter, who was not injured.

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When the accused Adriana was brought before a control judge, the arrest was validated and in a subsequent hearing, the State Attorney General’s Office charged her with the crime of attempted murder on the grounds of kinship, as sanctioned by articles 156, 13 , 18 and 20 first paragraph, first assumption of the Penal Code, to the detriment of two underage victims.

Derived from the evidence provided by the social representation, Adriana was linked to the process and on this date, in an abbreviated procedure, she was sentenced to 17 years in prison with denial of benefits and substitutes for the sentence.


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