Irapuato.  Araceli Vázquez Rodríguez has kidney failure and asks for help for her dialysis

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- Araceli Vázquez Rodríguez, known to her friends as “Chiquis Rodríguez”, He is 48 years old and 4 years ago he knew that he only had one kidney, and he was also diagnosed with kidney failure.

Due to her illness, Chiquis Rodríguez asks for support from citizens to be able to pay for their hemodialysis which takes place up to three times a week.

“I was born with one kidney and only found out about it four years ago. At the same time, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. He had 37% kidney function. A month ago I started with a lot of chills and a lot of disgust, dizziness and my skin tone changed, so I decided to go to the nephrologist and he sent me to do tests.

The specialist told me that my kidney function was 3% and told me that if I didn’t attend to it I could have a cardiac arrest at any time, that’s why I started hemodialysis,” Araceli said.

Irapuato: Araceli Vázquez Rodríguez can no longer afford the medicine

At the beginning of your diagnosis, Araceli could afford the “Alpha Ketoanalogues” the medicine that was prescribed for her treatment because I had some fixed income. She made and sold piñatas, she sold houses for dogs and sometimes she helped her mother with an aesthetic that they maintained.

All this stopped as a result of the COVID pandemic. Currently, she works for a travel agency. The owner of the business has allowed her to continue selling hotel packages to support herself, but the economic income is not enough for the hemodialysis that she has to perform up to three times a week in a private hospital in Salamanca, since she does not have any social security. type.

“After hemodialysis I come out very worn out, it takes me a while to recover because my pressure goes up to 220. I have had seizures and I was very serious two weeks ago because the hospital where I attend made a mistake by not giving me some vaccines and I began to have seizures Fortunately, I’m fine now and I’ve recovered. I have felt bad, but we continue to fight, “he said.

Irapuato: Araceli Vázquez Rodríguez holds raffles, rents a party garden and makes piñatas to cover expenses

In order to help her parents with the costs of hospitalization, hemodialysis and treatment, Araceli has had the idea of ​​carrying out several raffles between friends through social networksHowever, the response has not been adequate, but he does not lose hope that his call for help reaches the citizens of Irapuatense. You can find her on Facebook as “Chiquis Rodríguez”.

That is why several people have given services and products, even a bicycle has been put on the list of gifts, to be raffled on different dates proposed by Araceli Vázquez Rodríguez. Tickets can vary between 50 and 100 pesos.

Also for those interested in rent a party garden of great capacity, Araceli puts it at your disposal for 2,500 pesos, without furniture, for any social event that you have at the door. It is located in the Los Olivos subdivision, at the exit to Salamanca and is called “Barda Andalucía”.

But also those interested in supporting and acquiring a children’s pinata For the party of her little ones, Araceli talks that they can visit the business where she has them at 829 Guerrero Street in the Central Zone, between Torres Landa Avenue and Plaza España.

Remember that everything collected from the purchase of piñatas, rental of the party garden and the amount accumulated for the raffle will be of great help so that Araceli can continue with her medical treatment and get ahead.

If you wish to support it financially, you can make any voluntary contribution to the BBVA account 4152 3138 0864 7445 in the name of Edgar Alejandro, for the concept of “donation”.

The disability in which Araceli has the disease is not a reason to ask for help, get income and find a way to get ahead.


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