Irapuato Security: Lorena Alfaro affirms that more needs to be done

Irapuato.- After the murders of Monday night, the mayor of Irapuato, Lorena Alfaro García, stressed that this is a clear message that more work is needed on security matters, committing to promote actions that give peace to the municipality.

In the Santa Julia neighborhood, the murder of a woman and three men was committed on Monday morning, while at night, a couple was shot in the Malvas Revolución neighborhood.

A single person who dies is a lot, a single homicide is a lot, that is why we have to work even more, I said in my message at the protest, the citizenship demands more of us for the construction of peace, the unfortunate events that occurred yesterday They are making it very clear to us that we need to work on this ”, he emphasized.

Alfaro García indicated that They have already outlined the first actions in terms of security, with five main axes, which will be announced in the near future, when the security cabinet is confirmed.

In addition, He said that they are still waiting for the arrival of 150 new Police elements, since formalities and permits must first be fulfilled before federal authorities.

The mayor added that the situation is delicate, so they will follow up on the causes that led to these deaths, since security will be a priority for your government.

We are not starting from scratch, but the citizens and the facts demand that we do even more, we will have to do it together and united with the irapuatense society, of course, led by the municipal authority ”, he concluded.

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