Irapuato: Three rifles are stolen from a checkpoint in the XII Military Region

Irapuato, Guanajuato.- Three FX rifles were stolen from elements of the National Guard who were at the gate 2 checkpoint of the XII Military Region on Irapuato.

According to the news part of the XVI Military Zone from Sarabia, Salamanca, The robbery occurred during the early hours of Sunday, but the report of the disappearance of three 7.62-millimeter assault rifles was generated at 4:40 in the morning of this Monday.

According to a command of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), the checkpoint is located at the entrance and exit door of the 35th Military Police Battalion, today National Guard, over the avenue Benito Juarez, in front of the colony Lazaro Cardenas.

The theft of three FX rifles occurred during the early hours of Sunday at one of the checkpoints of the XII Military Region in Irapuato. Photo: Staff AM.

The perimeter guard service of this area of ​​the military camp was in charge of the corporal of the National Guard, Lucio Perez Perez.

The corporal, along with two other officers of the National Guard, was in charge of the security of the perimeter area.

According to the military command, the elements found it easy to lay down their weapons and withdrew from the checkpoint for a moment, but when they returned to continue with surveillance, the FX rifles were gone.

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The corporal in command immediately notified his superiors of the robbery and a search operation within and outside the military field was soon intensified.

The search intensified throughout the morning and lasted for the rest of the day in the neighborhoods surrounding the XII Military Region, between them San Isidro, Lazaro Cardenas, Emiliano Zapata II, Villas of San Cayetano, Constitution of Apatzingán and ejido Malvas.

So far the Sedena has not given an official position on the theft of these three FX rifles, but it transpired that they have not yet been recovered.


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