Is Dennis Malavé no longer the ideal manager in Sharks?

As a result of the dismissal of the manager of Tiburones de La Guaira Dennis Malavé, I am going with an opinion article if he stopped being the manager wanted by the salty people.

The one who wrote to you was the representative of the Cuban pitcher Hassan Pena before the LVBP And how such, I was contacted by the management of the salty ones headed by the good friend Fernando Veracierto, for the season 2019-2020.

I remember that their first words when we made the first contact, is that they were very interested in Pena’s services, because they wanted to make a great team since they were sure they would be the champions of that season, where the manager would be Dennis Malavé.

Of course, one may think that not only wanting is enough but also power, but the problem of OFAC-MLB-LVBP arose, where Fernando, who had a position in the Milwaukee Brewers at that time, had to resign from management and Malavé could not occupy the position, but Renny Osuna.

Now, the season that Sharks had in 2019-2020 was surprising, where Renny Osuna was named Manager of the Year, but the team was made before when Malavé was still the manager, according to what I understood in many conversations that I had with Fernando.

Let’s remember that Sharks reached first place in a surprising way and was swept away in the semifinals by the Caribs in a series that the littoral team could also win without any problem.

The relief corps made up of Gregory Infante, Rafael Cova, Francisco Buttó, Hassan Pena, Junior Guerra, Francisco Rodríguez, among other pitchers.

If we talk about the batters, the team had Leonardo Regginato, Danry Vásquez, Heiker Meneses, Héctor Sánchez, Alberto González, among others and the incorporation of Miguel Rojas, controversial or not, was a bigleaguer who dressed as Tiburon.

All this shows that if there were contacts, that having followed the original plan, the manager was Dennis Malavé, where I verified that Veracierto did not fall to me as pure talk and that the intention to win the championship was true.

Upon finalizing the signing of Malavé for this season, then I conclude that the management obtained the leader for whom they waited at least two seasons and tell them that he is the best candidate for the position, I do not know for sure at this time, but that he is the He is a manager loved by the organization and his signature specifies the statement made here.

Did Dennis Malavé stop being the Sharks’ beloved manager?

The journey of the helmsman expected for two seasons was only 26 games, after the salty left a mark of 11-15, they made the decision to dispense with their services.

It is evident that Malavé was loved in the organization or at least by the club’s management, but they did not have the patience with him that I thought they could have, given the time they waited for him, but in the LVBP the teams do not usually have as much patience with managers.

If we talk about Sharks, Jackson Melían becomes the club’s fourth manager in less than two seasons.

But going back to the topic of Malavé, it is evident that he stopped being the beloved manager, because in the first place he no longer directs the club and secondly, it is seen that he was not so beloved because they did not have the patience for him to solve the problem. club situation, given the time they waited for him.

With this I do not mean that it is good or bad that they have fired him, that is a decision of the management where they believe that it is the best for the team, but what if it surprises me is that if he was a manager who cost so much to bring him so Already explained, perhaps they have been able to trust him more, but I insist, this is how most of the teams in the LVBP are managed.

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