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Morbidity and mortality from coronavirus in our country are still high. This week brought a new anti-record for the daily number of deaths – by the morning of Friday, November 19, 1254 people had died from covid.

Vaccination is the main way to stay healthy and return to normal life, scientists and doctors remind. We continue to answer questions from kp.ru readers about vaccination. Today our consultant is the Deputy Director for Clinical Work of the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology named after M.V. G.N. Gabrichevsky Rospotrebnadzor, Doctor of Medical Sciences Tatiana Ruzhentsova.

I was ill with covid in October 2020. Since that time, I have been constantly taking tests for antibodies. And each time they exceed the reference value in the form with the test results (that is, they exceed the threshold by which the presence of antibodies is determined. – Ed.). Recently, for example, there was 245 BAU / ml. But the clinic still advises to get vaccinated. At the same time, I have a secondary immunodeficiency, persistent leukopenia (the level of immune cells of leukocytes is lowered – Ed.). I’m afraid to get vaccinated. And why do I need it if there are antibodies?


– With the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus (Delta strain), it became clear that a high level of antibodies is required for reliable protection against covid. There have been cases of COVID-19 with the same antibody titer as yours now.

Observations show that higher values ​​recorded after vaccination provide more effective prevention. This is especially important in the presence of immunodeficiency and leukopenia. So don’t give up on the vaccine.

– I underwent two operations at the Oncology Center. I have rectal cancer. Can I be vaccinated against coronavirus and which one? The kidneys are all in cysts, in gallstones.


– Rectal cancer, kidney cysts and gallbladder stones are not contraindications for vaccination. Vaccination can be done in the absence of signs of exacerbation of the disease, which can be confirmed by the attending physician. According to the instructions for vaccines, “Sputnik V” can be used without age restrictions, and “CoviVac” – if you are not yet 60 years old.

– My mom and dad were vaccinated against coronavirus. A month after the second vaccination, both of them fell ill with covid, in severe form. Dad died with almost 100 percent lung damage. Mom recovered, she has 60 percent. Everywhere they say that with the vaccine you can get infected, but in a mild form. And I lost my vaccinated father, my mother cannot return to normal life after a severe form. Whom to believe? I am obliged to get vaccinated at work, but now I see no reason to get vaccinated.

Helena. Samara Region.

– Vaccination significantly reduces the incidence of severe course, complications and deaths from COVID-19, but does not completely eliminate them. Pneumonia has always been one of the leading causes of death in old age.

In contact with a patient with coronavirus infection, the vaccinated in most cases do not get sick or get sick easily. With the development of the disease, the virus is secreted in a smaller amount, the immune response suppresses it faster. Therefore, it is worth getting vaccinated not only in order to have more chances to maintain your health, but also in order not to lose someone else from your loved ones and those around you.

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