“Is there a right to be stupid?”: What artists like Fendrich, Niavarani and Hader say about the vaccination debate

Hader lashed out at him imageInterview both the federal states (“The state politicians like to curse Vienna, unfortunately that is the only thing they can do.”), as well as the current government policy. But he is “totally happy about the change of Chancellor, because this resignation of Sebastian Kurz has only brought us closer to western democracies. Without this resignation we would have had the feeling that we were getting closer to the situation in Hungary. The judiciary, civil society and the media have shown us that they are strong enough. That certain things don’t go through. That is the most important thing to me. A successor, no matter what his name is, will be careful not to bring things like that again. “

He does not want to campaign widely for vaccination. Hader: “I am now not to be seen on posters asking for vaccinations, because I think that the people who listen to me are all vaccinated anyway. That would be so unnecessarily important for me. If very popular people like Andreas Gabalier, for example, would do it, I would find it useful. “

Naschenweng wanted to retire from the stage

Pop singer Melissa Naschenweng seems a little undecided. But what seemed to emotionalize them most was the 2-G rule, which should temporarily block unvaccinated people from various leisure activities. Naschenweng wrote on Facebook on Sunday: “I always wanted to make music … with all my heart and for ALL people, because music connects people. Anyone who knows me knows how much I am connected to my homeland, and now I am at home in a country where it is no longer possible to play for EVERYONE. Not only this circumstance makes me infinitely sad, but above all how one treats fellow human beings. “

Naschenweng continues: “We all shared the same measures, the same privations, fears and worries, that should unite us and not divide us in such a way.”

She writes that she actually wanted to announce this week that “I won’t play any concerts for an indefinite period of time, now the announcement of a new lockdown got ahead of me. Concerts would certainly be possible again in the near future, but my heart is currently unable to decide which side to take. ”She wants to retire to the studio and produce music there“ for EVERYONE ”. In conclusion she writes: “I very much hope that we can meet each other again, with lightheartedness and without burden and mutual recriminations, with reconciled hearts, ALL of us.”

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