Is this your first time at Salvador’s carnival? Know what not to do

The biggest street event in the world is back in Salvador this year after a long hiatus imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The official opening of carnival is scheduled to take place this Thursday afternoon (16). Is this your first time enjoying the event here in the capital of Bahia? How about checking out tips on what you shouldn’t do? See below:

Focus on the main circuits

Although the energy of Carnival is incredible, some people go with the intention of spoiling the party for others. For example, groups that get together to fight with each other and with others. Therefore, revelers experiencing the capital’s carnival for the 1st time should focus on the event’s main circuits, such as the Dodô circuit (Barra/Ondina)O Osmar circuit (Campo Grande) and the Potato Circuit (Pelourinho) where policing is even greater.

safety tip

If you are going to enjoy carnivals in the neighborhoods of the capital of Bahia, it is also good to be accompanied by a local resident, in addition to always being alert with personal belongings such as cell phones, documents and money.

Also avoid wearing jewelry and put personal items inside shorts or shorts or in a place like preferably a dollar holder, the famous doleiras. Unfortunately, not everyone is there just to have fun.


Always pay attention to looks. Prioritize comfort and abuse fresh clothes. The capital’s sun punishes those who don’t use sunscreen and caps. Also remember to put on a suitable shoe and ensure the health of your foot.

Be careful with food

Avoid going too long without eating. According to nutritionists, the tip is to eat well and every 3 hours. That way you will have even more energy and disposition. After all, the circuits are long and take about 6 hours to complete.

Also remember that if you’re going to drink, don’t drive! Do you want to be part of Salvador’s carnival schedule? Click here!

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