Is Yohander Méndez the best pitcher for Magallanes?

It is interesting to review if the left-handed pitcher Yohander Méndez is the best pitcher for the Navegantes del Magallanes in the LVBP.

In the Round Robin of the 2021-2022 season, Méndez is the number three pitcher in the rotation established by the manager of the Turks Wilfredo Romero for this stage of the postseason.

Yohander’s first outing was against the Tigres de Aragua in the city of Maracay, where he pitched 4.0 innings and allowed one run, leaving without a decision, in a Magallanes victory with a scoreboard of 8-6.

In his second outing he pitched a true pitching gem against the Leones del Caracas, at the Universitario stadium, since for 5 innings he was throwing a no hitter, until they gave him one in the sixth inning, leading to victory 5- 0 for his team, where he pitched 5 scoreless innings to win the game.

In his third outing against the Caribes de Anzoátegui at the José Bernardo Pérez stadium in the city of Valencia, he could only go 2.1 innings where they made him a single run, where he left without a decision in a 12-3 victory for Magallanes against the tribe.

In perhaps the most important game for Magallanes of the season, Méndez had the start against Caribes at the difficult Alfonso Chico Carrasquel stadium in Puerto La Cruz, where he threw a great game of 5 scoreless innings, where he was given just one hit, being the winning pticher in the game that won the ship 6-0 and that from being on the verge of elimination, puts them one step away from the final.

Is Yohander Méndez the best pitcher for Magallanes?

In general, Méndez has a record in the Round Robin of 2-0, with an ERA of 1.10, in 16.1 innings pitched, for which he has been the great Ace of the club.

Although it is true, in two starts he did not reach five innings, in one he reached 4 episodes and in the two Méndez victories, he saved Magallanes from a horrible pothole.

In the first match between Leones, the ship had just lost an incredible game against Cardenales de Lara, wasting a 4-run lead in the ninth inning, but its quality put the Turks on the winning route and in their start against the tribe in Puerto La Cruz launched a great game where he had the pressure that if they lost, they could have sealed their elimination.

So according to the performance of his other teammates, without a doubt Méndez is the best pitcher in Magallanes in terms of starting pitching, although both Leal, Guerra and Zárate continue to be very valuable for the ship.

Here is a memory of a great opening against Leones in the knockout round:

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