Is your flight delayed? In this airport you can even climb the wall | photogallery

Queues, unexpected delays and abrupt cancellations. When we travel by plane, we know that unforeseen events at the airport are always a possibility anywhere in the world, whether due to staff shortages, bad weather, strikes or the effects of the pandemic. More often than not, this means expensive food, wasted time and a bad mood. It is always worth asking if the airport has a museum, temporary exhibitions, a garden, a lake or even a cinema. In the case of Changi airport in Singapore, considered one of the best in the world and where everything is missing, including gardens, forests or a waterfall, the latest attraction is an eight-metre-high climbing wall.

The [email protected] space, managed by The Rock School (TRS), was installed in Terminal 3, is free and has monitors for climbers of various difficulty levels, for climbers from the age of two.

[email protected] is the latest offer from a set of leisure and entertainment spaces at Changi Airport and will offer a fun and challenging experience to our passengers and visitors”, underlines in a statement Phau Hui Hoon, responsible for leisure spaces from the airport, which also has among its attractions the biggest slide inside an airport — it is almost twelve meters high.

The new wall was built by the official wall supplier for the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games and is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems.

Climbers, amateurs or professionals, have more than 20 climbing routes to choose from in this boulder walla number that is expected to increase to 30.

The airport informs that programs are available for people with special needs – and teams “properly trained” for this purpose.

Although visitors can bring their own equipment, [email protected] also has harnesses and climbing shoes for hire. Program reservations can be made here.

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