Isabelle Balkany tried to kill herself a second time

Isabelle Balkany wanted to commit suicide a second time. The former deputy mayor of Levallois-Perret confided in the difficult times she is going through, imprisoned at home, and her wish to end her life …

Isabelle Balkany wanted to commit suicide a second time. While she had already tried to take her own life in May 2019, the wife of Patrick Balkany confessed to the microphone of RTL that she had thought about suicide again lately, when she is sentenced to three years of home prison, a sentence modified because of his fragile state of health. “Incarceration is physical, but it is also psychological. Lock-in is also lock-in on oneself (…) There was a period at the house of psychological confinement that I experienced so badly that I wanted to fall asleep, we will say it like that, a second time“, said the one who now wears an electronic bracelet.

Isabelle Balkany: her first suicide attempt

On May 1, 2019, Isabelle Balkany wrote a disturbing message on Facebook: “I am tired that a tax breach which has, of course, no excuse, but which has, at least, family ‘explanations’, is transformed into a ‘crime’, embellished with lies, some of which go beyond the wacky and suspicion strictly unfounded (…) I am tired and, as it is Labor Day, I will take the opportunity to take a big nap“.
The message sounded like a cry for help. The wife of the former mayor of Levallois-Perret, who had taken medication, was then hospitalized.

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