Isolde Lasoen tests positive after three negative rapid tests: “B...

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Drummer and presenter Isolde Lasoen is infected with the corona virus. She announced this on Facebook. She immediately adds a call to get tested if you’re sick, and not just rely on the self-tests. “I’m shocked.”

The first mild symptoms appeared on Sunday evening, Lasoen writes. “Self-test done. Also a self test on Monday. Tuesday meanwhile, well ill and again a self-test. All negative. Wednesday morning we went to the doctor for a PRC, because as sick as a dog. Just got the result (48 hours later, because the labs don’t get it): positive for Covid-19.”

It’s not a call to get well messages, she adds. “It’s getting a little better. I’ve been sick since Sunday. But why I am writing this is that I am quite shocked about the reliability of the rapid tests. Fortunately I didn’t see many people, but I did continue to do the shopping, take care of my children – because my love has Covid herself – and sent Elko to school. Just let it be a warning. Still sick and a negative self-test? Get a PCR test done as soon as possible.”

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