One of the Palestinian prisoners, escaped from an Israeli jail, suffered brain death as a result of the torture to which he was subjected during interrogations by the Hebrew military forces, after his new arrest, local Palestinian media reported.


Israel strikes Gaza Strip for third night in a row

According to Yibril al-Zubaidi, brother of the Palestinian prisoner, Zakaria al-Zubaidi, was declared brain dead on Monday as a result of the torture practiced by the Israeli military after his new arrest, as reported by Palestinian media and social networks.

Al-Zubadi’s death comes as nearly 1,400 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails begin an indefinite hunger strike next Friday to demand an end to mistreatment, relocations and the policy of administrative detention, WAFA News reported.

Al-Zubaidi was one of six Palestinians who broke the Israeli security system on Monday, September 6, to escape from a maximum security prison, was beaten and tortured by the Israeli security forces after being recaptured.

The Palestinian prisoners indicated that they will take gradual protest measures against the escalation of repressive measures by the prison administrations against them after the escape of six prisoners from Gilboa prison last week, reported the Detainee and Ex-Detainee Affairs Commission in a statement.

The commission said the first group to go on hunger strike will include 1,380 inmates from various prisons; 400 prisoners from Ramon Prison, 300 from Ofer Prison, 200 from Nafha Prison, 200 from Megiddo Prison, 100 from Gilboa Prison and 80 prisoners from Eshel Prison, 50 from Shatta Prison and 50 prisoners from Hadarim Prison.

New groups of prisoners will join the hunger strike next Tuesday, while 100 high-ranking prisoners, including Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti, will refrain from drinking water starting Friday.

The prisoners demand that the Israeli prison administration end the policy of repression, abuse and arbitrary transfers, end the sentences imposed on hundreds of prisoners, release isolated prisoners to regular sections, return the conditions of detention to what they were before September 5.

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