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Even though it’s been a long time since Juana Viale is settled and entered the houses of the public following her grandmother, the legendary and elegant Mirtha LegrandDo not forget that the actress always presented herself as a free and natural woman, who follows her instincts.

And even though Juanita She is already a long way from identifying with that label of “rebellious girl” with which she grew up in the eyes of everyone because she is “the granddaughter of”, every so often she offers a little show out of protocol, showing off her attitude unrelated to the opinion of others .

This is how, in recent days, at the exit of the function of Sex, I lived your experience, Juana he uploaded images of the pacifiers with his boyfriend to his networks, Agustín Goldenhorn. The tongue kiss, far from being sensual or natural, the truth, was not at all showy in their Instagram stories, and in Intruders They made him notice it out of sheer irony.

The comment of Rodrigo Lussich came on account of the strong hug they had given Juana and the Tucu Lopez when the actress went to see him at the play Jose Maria Muscari. After that situation, they pointed out that both the Tucu like her they rushed to upload fiery material with their respective partners.

“With a bit of guilt they uploaded this video. Besides, they did the same. He uploaded this video with Sabrina Rojas, and then Juanita uploaded one, pulling her tongue, with the boyfriend “, said the driver while showing the video of the announcer with the ex-wife of Luciano Castro placeholder image.

And after that Adrian Pallares opined: “After 40, it does not work”, Lussich pointed very sharp against Juana Viale and her boyfriend: “You were tongue sucking, guys. A bit of decorum. You are already pathetic sucking with your tongue after 40 ”.

What will she say?


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