Jaime Lee Curtis as Janet Leigh

Finally the premiere of Halloween Kills, The newest installment in the iconic horror saga. For the occasion, and considering the date, the premiere became a full costume party for the guests. Nevertheless, The one that attracted the most attention was Jamie Lee Curtis, who decided to honor his mother with his costume.

And it is that the protagonist of Halloween Kills She came to the party dressed as her mother’s most iconic character, the one she played in the Alfred Hitchcok classic, Psycho. Thus, horror fans were fascinated with this heartfelt tribute.

Jamie Lee Curtis surprises dressed as her mother

It is no secret to anyone that Jamie Lee Curtis has enormous admiration for his mother, Janet Leigh. And it is that like her, She reached the peak of her career by becoming a Scream Queen, leading actresses in horror films.

His mother played Marion Crane in Psycho, Role with which he achieved an Oscar nomination and became one of the most iconic horror films. Now, Jamie Lee Curtis decided to honor her once again at the premiere of Halloween Kills.

Jaime Lee Curtis as Janet Leigh
Jaime Lee Curtis as Janet Leigh

Curtis appeared in a blonde wig and a light blue dress, imitating the one Leigh wore in Psycho. The photos quickly went viral with users applauding the characterization and the meaningful gesture of the actress to her iconic mother.

Jaime Lee Curtis as Janet LeighJaime Lee Curtis as Janet Leigh
Jaime Lee Curtis as Janet Leigh

It should be noted that it is not the first time that Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates his mother’s work in Psycho. A while ago, the actress recreated the iconic scene of Janet Leigh in the shower, in one of the most legendary moments in Hitchcock cinema.

Now, Curtis continues to cultivate his own legacy as one of the most important actresses in the horror industry. And is that Halloween Kills She confronts her again with one of the most dangerous murderers in cinema in the Monday delivery of the new trilogy.

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