If we want to be optimistic, there is a global tendency to consider that the omicron variant may be the latest in the COVID-19 pandemic, that the virus has mutated until it becomes, for its own survival, a more contagious, but less lethal, one. that it will become endemic and seasonal very soon, that perhaps next January 2023 we will be talking about cases of COVID as we were talking about cases of influenza a few years ago, something serious, but much less lethal.

If we want to be pessimistic, there is another global tendency to consider that the omicron variant is simply one more of those that have been dominant, that there is still a strong possibility of a new strain that combines the contagion power of omicron with virulence and lethality that a few months ago had Delta.

Between optimists and pessimists, both valid, we must be very realistic.

To begin with, we still do not know much about the Ómicron, the Mexican government insists on minimizing its danger, even the President called it a “little covid”, partly because, they say, they do not want to spread panic and partly, also, because there are no resources nor sufficient strategies to face an impetuous fourth wave of infections in the country that is projected as the most serious so far.

Contrary to the government, science is categorical, for example, Dr. Samuel Ponce de León, head of the University Commission for Emergency Care of COVID, of the UNAM, says it clearly: “nothing and nobody can guarantee that an infection Omicron variant is a mild infection. “

Ponce recommends the use of a face mask, particularly of three layers and preferably, when it is possible to acquire them, of the KN95 with greater filtration, keeping the windows of vehicles open in public transport, ventilating, ventilating and ventilating, in addition to social distancing.

However, such simple and basic recommendations do not seem to have an echo in the messages of the government that made the use of the mask an unsuccessful debate on “freedoms” and “false securities” … So, we don’t even talk about the tests, do we?

A closure or a new confinement will be fatal for the economy, although in reality, a large part of the population is confined at home, between infections, fear of contagion and the economic crisis that welcomes us to the year, it seems that there is a kind of de facto confinement.

Other experts, such as Dr. Alejandro Macías, believe that the omicron could infect half of the Mexican population in the coming weeks, which coincides with the WHO projection for Europe that considers a contagion of half of the entire continent in a maximum of two months.

Winter will be tough, particularly the next three or four weeks, and it seems we will continue on our own. We have to take care of ourselves and hope for the best for next spring.


Tabasco is an Eden, even for witty politicians: true to the style of its boss, the vice president … the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, defending Javier May, said that an engineer is not needed for the Mayan Train.

The hallmark of the house: blind loyalty kills extreme ineptitude.

Please! If there will be no engineers, unless they do not do anything “elevated” beyond their hallucinations, we already have tragedies left over.


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