ACHIFARP Inaugurates Popular Metropolitana Pharmacy

Opening the first Popular Pharmacy on Recoleta in 2015 set a precedent for access to health in Chile. Now the Chilean Association of Popular Pharmacies, Achifarp, opened a new store, but this time it is not communal but everyone can buy in it. Here we tell you what you can find in it, the products and services it offers, and what follows.

How can I buy from it?

You just have to go and request the product you want to buy. You do not have to register, you must not present documents that prove your address or social records. The Popular Pharmacy It is on Avenida Los Leones # 2713, in the commune of Providencia and it works from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00.

And if you can’t go, you can buy way online on the website of the Achifarp. They also offer shipping of the products nationwide at no cost. However, it is not available at the moment since it was saturated by the excess of visits. For this, they enabled the mail [email protected] to send all inquiries.

ACHIFARP Inaugurates Popular Metropolitana Pharmacy
ACHIFARP inaugurates the Metropolitan Popular Pharmacy, Agency One

What do they sell in it?

Like all pharmacies, it offers medicines, medical supplies, covid-19 supplies, vitamins, food supplements, diapers, among others. The Executive Secretary of Achifarp, Matías Muñoz, he pointed out: «What we get $ 15 thousand and a fraction, on the market it is $ 25,990. The drug euthirox, for example, which is on the market for almost $ 17,000, can be found here for almost $ 7,590 ″. And added that the products are «35% cheaper in our pharmacy ».

The president of the association and mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, reinforced the concept of this store: «This is not a pharmacy of any municipality, it belongs to the Achifarp, and therefore has no limit on whom to serve. And he closed: «It is the first of a chain of popular pharmacies ». That is, more will come.

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