It’s in the blood: Ivete Sangalo’s son gives a show in his mother’s trio

Marcelo Sangalo once again displayed his artistic gifts and gave a show to his mother’s trio, Pipoca da Ivete, who invaded the avenue this Thursday (16th), at Circuito Dodô (Barra – Ondina).

Playing percussion and showing all his swing, the 13-year-old was spotted all sweaty, but squandering energy.

Apparently, the singer’s heir will indeed follow in his mother’s footsteps. Recently, in an interview with Quem, Ivete even commented on the importance of her son in the development of the last EP “Chega Mais”.

“I’m 50 years old and have a career of 30, but my sound is completely up to date. This is wonderful and I owe a lot to my own restlessness and that of my musicians, but also to Marcelo’s substantial collaboration”, he began.

“People talking about this is really cool. I really enjoy hearing your thoughts. He is part of all the arrangements and he played on my record. In ‘Cria da Ivete’, he said: ‘My mother, the bass drum has to be electronic and the bass we have to tinker with to make them more powerful. There are also some conventions, my mother, that you have to adhere to’. He brought me!”, continued Ivete.

And added: “He is a musician and sensational. My whole life, percussion has been my starting point. I have a predilection for percussion instruments. No wonder my son is passionate about percussion, despite playing the piano and all. He has helped me a lot to reinvent myself, to be within this moment of everyone”.


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