"It's not just a matter for Colombia": Iván Duque on Haitian migrants

The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, referred this Tuesday to the situation that the country is going through due to the migration of Haitians to Colombia, specifically the one that lives in Necoclí, Antioquia, where there has been a large agglomeration of migrants.

Regarding the possibility of a humanitarian corridor, a request made by some organizations, the president explained that the country, more than that alternative, has cooperated in many matters with Panama.

«Here we talk about the situation as it is presenting itself. I believe that this is not just a matter for Colombia and Panama. The situation with Haitian migrants is much greater, “said Iván Duque, highlighting the difficulties that country has had after the recent earthquake and the Covid-19 pandemic.

As indicated by the president, the way to solve this situation is by inviting all the countries of the region to act responsibly, since he stated that it is very important that among several countries “we can quickly have a meeting and coordinate efforts.” because this is not just a matter for Colombia.

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