"It's their spa moment, for 25 €": the crazy success of barbershops

Even if the cleverly bearded hipster has almost disappeared, barbershops also attract beards for a few days…

The barbershop des Seigneurs in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert is always full: many customers ask for an appointment to be pampered by Nancy Petrucci, hairdresser and barber for 35 years, including 6 in her own barbershop. “When I resumed after confinement, I had to refuse people”, she explains. Consequence, according to this hair expert, of a health crisis which has pushed men to neglect shaving. Many have realized that it was going well for them but they did not know how to take care of it well. So they came to my house… then came backs , smiles the boss who cuts, combs and takes care of beards and mustaches. “Often, they come for both but some love this moment just for them where for about half an hour, I pamper them.” For the size, Nancy starts with the trimmer and the scissors, without forgetting the emollient cream, she draws the contours with a blade, passes some oil, puts on a delicious hot towel and then dries the face. “It’s their spa moment, for 25 €”, compares the hairdresser who appreciates her male clientele “less demanding” than clients, who know what they want or let themselves be guided more easily. “I also see a lot of people arriving with an image taken from Instagram… But you have to know that one beard is not the other, each one has its specificity, since time, I know how to recognize what suits better to this or that type of beard and man!”

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