In the framework of the forty-sixth Congress on Cargo Transportation and Logistics, organized by Colfecar, the president summarized the actions of the Government that have promoted the sector.

“The transport sector was a great ally of legality this year, it showed that it is not afraid, nor is it going to let the violent override development,” said Duque.

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The president also highlighted the government policies that have supported transporters. The modernization of the vehicle fleet, with which more than 2,628 automobiles have been disintegrated, with disbursements for 92,500 million pesos, benefiting more than 1,700 owners.

In the same way, he affirmed that thanks to the investment of 195,000 million pesos to the program ‘Mi casa ya’, the drivers sector have been able to acquire a home and improve their quality of life.

What does Colfecar ask for?

The president of Colfecar made several requests to President Iván Duque. The first problem drivers have is that of containers, the price of freight is too high and profits are declining significantlystated Nidia Hernández.

The second request has to do with the shortage of drivers that the union is experiencing.

“If we do nothing to win the hearts of young people so that their life purpose is to be drivers of a cargo vehicle, we will continue to experience the same issue of scarcity,” said the president.

The head of state replied saying that he does not want to finish his mandate without leaving a structural program with the Seine to start training the young drivers of the 21st century.

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Another of the requests that Hernández claimed is the lifting of restrictions on freight vehicles during bank holidays. “We have done the calculation and we are losing one month of productivity a year.”

Duque stated that before the end of the first quarter of 2022 they will tender and award the “north two” accesses and also the south ALO in the city of Bogotá, two fundamental ways to alleviate congestion at the entrances to the capital of Colombia.

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