Ivete shows behind the scenes of The Masked Singer Brasil and says: "I'm ready"

The singer Ivete Sangalo showed that it is full of excitement for the premiere of the second season of The Masked Singer Brasil. This Thursday (13), the presenter used her Instagram profile to reveal the backstage of the attraction.

In the post, the baiana shared a sequence of clicks where she appears on the stage of the program and alongside some colleagues like Taís Araújo and Tatá Werneck, who was recently announced as the competition’s new judge.

“Here comes #TheMaskedSingerBr and I’m ready waiting for you! Now on Sunday afternoons from January 23rd on the @tvglobo screen,” she wrote in the caption of the publication.

The artist’s fans were also not left out and declared that they are super excited to unveil the singers behind the costumes. “My Sunday afternoons will never be the same!” declared an open viewer. “It’s going to be another amazing show! I can’t wait to follow it up!”, reacted a third.

“My mom and I were commenting on how beautiful, chic, charming, big you are!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ then I said I went to your show and it’s all a little more live”, said ex-BBB Fernanda Keulla.

The second season of The Masked Singer Brasil is scheduled to air on January 23rd. This year the competition also brings as a novelty the presence of Prriscilla Alcantra, winner of the first edition, as a backstage reporter.

Bolsonaro’s fight with Ivete

In time, Ivete Sangalo has been the target of some attacks on social media because of her strong stance against President Jair Bolsonaro. You attacks started after the singer make a protest against the ruler during a concert in Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte.

After all the repercussions, even the president decided to speak out against the case and pointed out that the artist would be outraged by the spending cuts in the Rouanet Law, responsible for promoting artistic events throughout Brazil.

“We are working on the Rouanet Law. When I entered the government, the limit for artists was R$10 million per year. I immediately went to R$ 1 million. Talking to Mario Frias now and we will spend, in the next few days, to R$ 500 thousand. We want to serve that artist who is starting his career, and not big shots or figures like dear Ivete Sangalo “, fired Bolsonaro.

“Is it over there [Ivete Sangalo] is upset, Zé de Abreu is upset because that fat tit of theirs is over to take up to R$ 10 million from the Rouanet Law and defend the president on duty. I don’t want you to defend me, I want you to tell the truth about me. We did a lot,” he added.

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