Jacques and Thomas Dutronc annoy, "It's your problem"

Jacques and Thomas Dutronc will meet for a unique tour from April. On the 8:30 p.m. Sunday set, they confided in their project, Jacques’ health concerns and those of Françoise Hardy. But their attitude upset viewers …

Wicks styled on the side, dark glasses screwed on the nose…. The quickdraw does not deceive: Thomas Dutronc is indeed his father’s son! Guest with Jacques Dutronc on the set of 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the rockers made the show to promote theour first event tour for two, whose ticket office opened today. Begining with two dates at the Casino de Paris from next April, they will set the French stages on fire until February 2023! What frankly surprise Laurent Delahousse, who knows that the singer is rare since the last reunion of the Vieilles Canailles in 2017 … 78 years old, the artist only very rarely leaves Corsica. So it was with sympathy that the facilitator asked him, “Jacques when I was told that you were coming to Paris. First I was like, ‘Maybe this is a joke. We do not know. Is he going to be there? It is that there is an important thing to tell us, to tell us, to announce us to leave Corsica“. Always endowed with his legendary repartee, Jacques Dutronc replied:”Precisely, during the trip, I forgot everything “.

The Dutronc annoy in 8:30 pm Sunday

A little later in the show, the host made a second attempt with the interpreter of Cactus: Do you have any idea how much we miss you, Jacques? “. A compliment that the star bypassed bluntly by swinging: This is your problem “.
The scathing responses of Jacques Dutronc strongly annoyed viewers and Internet users, who tackled the father and his son on their behavior judged “disrespectful“.

Jacques Dutronc, operated: he talks about his health concerns

Also interviewed by the Sunday Newspaper and The Parisian, the Dutroncs told how the idea of ​​touring together came to them. A great first for these two, who despite a collaboration for the album Brief Meetings, have (almost) never shared the stage as a duo. “It’s mainly to be a little more with him, I don’t see him enough “, declared the sidekick of Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday at JDD, before telling his son: “I remember the exact day we decided to start, on your terrace in Corsica. For some reason you know very well: I was paralyzed.” Jacques Dutronc actually suffered from “hernia discal“for which he had to undergo a heavy intervention … “The hip, it’s done and it’s okay, but my back is crushed. I had an operation for a huge hernia last January, and it hurts today “, he related in The Parisian.

Jacques Dutronc can no longer play the guitar

But that’s not all: the father of Thomas Dutronc sees his voice transformed by the pangs of time. “The problem is, the older you get, which I don’t, the more the voice goes down in tones, little by little. I’ll end up talking and singing like Amanda Lear…”, he told the Sunday Newspaper assuring that he could no longer “playing guitar”.
The cause? a broken finger and arthrosé a tired leg and the jaw which is “take off” … Whatever, people find it “in better shape than three years ago”, according to his son.

Thomas Dutronc gives news of Françoise Hardy

Father and son were asked about the health of Francoise Hardy, who fights against a cancer lymphatic system for two years. Thomas Dutronc wanted to be reassuring. If my mother is not in good health, her life is not in danger. She had cancer but there was no recurrence. She is in remission“, he revealed to JDD, before continuing: She even tends to forget it because she has after-effects of his treatments, but she is in remission“The singer would also be delighted to see the two men of her life in concert soon.”Fortunately,‘she had this strength for a long time, this lonely strength. What saves her is the writing and the passion for songs “, added Jacques Dutronc to the Parisian.

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