Jair Bolsonaro announced that he will not go to the inauguration of Gabriel Boric
Jair Bolsonaro, announced this Wednesday that he will not attend the inauguration of the elected president of Chile, the leftist Gabriel Boric.

The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, announced this Wednesday that will not attend the inauguration of the elected president of Chile, the leftist Gabriel Boric, next March 11.

“I am not going to go into details because I am not to create problems with international relations. Brazil is doing very well with everyone. It is necessary to see who is going to the inauguration of the new president of Chile. I will not go, “said the Brazilian head of state in an interview with the channel Brazil Gazette.

Deputy Boric beat José Antonio Kast in the second round of the Chilean elections, on December 19, with 55.8% of the votes, almost twelve points more than his rival.

The Bolsonaro government only congratulated the young president-elect four days later in a brief note wishing him “success” and reaffirming the “strength of the ties, friendship and cooperation” between the two nations.

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Bolsonaro has mentioned in passing the victory of the former progressive student leader and, in one of his traditional broadcasts on social networks, he assured that “practically half of the Chilean population” “abstained, did not vote.”

He also referred to the president-elect as “that Boric guy.”

More incisive was one of Bolsonaro’s sons, federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro, who on December 22 suggested that Boric will lead his country to a situation similar to the one that Venezuela arrived with with Nicolás Maduro.

“Allow me not to give an opinion, but to relate some facts about Gabriel Boric, 35, so that we can get to know the president-elect of Chile better,” wrote the controversial Brazilian deputy.

“Since high school, in 1999, he has been a militant student leader. He dropped out of law school to ‘dedicate himself to politics,’ “he added with some irony, adding that” he collaborated in the 2019 upheavals in Chile, which had a lot of violence, destruction and fires, “he added.

Eduardo Bolsonaro accompanied those comments with some old messages in which Boric praised Nicolás Maduro, whose government is considered a “dictatorship” by the Brazilian Executive.

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